It Feels like it was just yesterday, but SDCC 2022 is fast approaching! Whilst the date on when these will release is such a tightly guarded secret, the physical date for the event is between the 22nd July to 25th July. 

NOTE: The Releases Below are not 100% Confirmed to release in Australia. If they are released, it will have a Shared Exclusive Sticker. Products from this years convention are Strictly Restricted Shipping [RS] meaning these will not be available to customers in the USA or Canada. 

Day 2 of Releases!

  • Vinyl SODA: Funko Fantastik Plastik - Otto
  • Vinyl SODA: Hanna Barbara – Huckleberry Hound™ (Blacklight)
  • Vinyl SODA: Lord of the Rings – Bilbo Baggins
  • Vinyl SODA: Virtual singer - Hatsune Miku
  • Vinyl SODA: Guardians of the Galaxy – Star-Lord
  • Vinyl SODA: DC Comics – Larfleeze
  • POP! Heroes: Justice League - Starfire
  • POP! Rides Deluxe: Batman Returns – The Penguin and Duck Ride
  • POP! Animation: Demon Slayer – Enmu
  • POP! Animation: Boruto – Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode
  • POP! Animation: My Hero Academia – Gran Torino
  • POP! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Goku in Driving School
  • POP! Animation: Attack on Titan – Queen Historia
  • POP! Animation: Jujutsu Kaisen – Yuji Itadori with Slaughter Demon
  • POP! Vinyl: STAR WARS - Purge Trooper
  • POP! Vinyl: STAR WARS - Cassin Andor
  • POP! Vinyl: STAR WARS - Krrsantan



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