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Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition Xi-class Light Shuttle

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Lead the forces of the First Order from the cockpit of a Xi-class Light Shuttle! Swift and lightly armed, the shuttle is ideally suited to convey First Order VIPs quickly but surreptitiously across the galaxy. They also make excellent command craft, directing forces in raids before slipping away into the depths of space. Within the Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing, you’ll find a beautifully detailed Xi-class Light Shuttle miniature along with everything you need to launch it on your own secret mission, including a medium plastic base and two medium ship tokens. Four ship cards let you dispatch some of the First Order’s most elite agents to do your bidding while fourteen upgrade cards let you assign additional crew members to the ship and outfit it with new technology.


• A First Order ship expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing

• Add a highly detailed, pre-painted Xi-class Light Shuttle miniature to your squadrons

• Four ship cards let you dispatch some of the First Order’s best agents to do your bidding

• Customize your ship with fourteen upgrade cards, including new crew members and technology


22 Cards, 25 Tokens, 1 Maneuver Dial, 1 Painted Plastic Ship with Base and Pegs


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