Sailing Toward Osiris Governors and Envoys Expansion - Daily Magic Games - Titan Pop Culture
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Sailing Toward Osiris Governors and Envoys Expansion

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Greetings Sailing Toward Osiris Backers in the EU!

Our EU depot reports that inventory has cleared EU customs and is scheduled to arrive at the EU warehouse on May 28th. We expect to begin picking, packing, and shipping English, French and Spanish language Sailing Toward Osiris rewards packages to EU backers on May 31st.

German language rewards will ship separately from Schwerkraft-Verlag when they arrive at the SKV warehouse.

If we run into any snags, we'll provide an update to Daily Magic Games so they can let you know here. We’ll also provide them with another update once all picking, packing, and shipping is complete.

You should receive a shipping notification to the email you included in your survey or pledge manager when your package label is printed or scanned through the local facility.

Thank you for your support of Sailing Toward Osiris and Daily Magic Games.

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