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PC Game The Sims: Medieval - Limited Edition

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Preowned Game (Good Condition) With Instruction Booklet

Product Description

  • The Sims Medieval Limited Editions PC. Exclusive Limited Edition content: Unique Hero Outfits + Themed Throne Rooms. Included 36 pages printed manual with original product key on the back of the booklet. 
  • Create Heroes-- Build up their skills and send them on epic quests Quests-- Drive your kingdom’s story - Good or evil, cruel or kind, romantic or warlike Build a Kingdom-- Start with an empty field and build up your kingdom, deciding its ultimate ambition and working to achieve its destiny
  • Achievement system– Be rewarded you for your skill in reaching your kingdom ambitions and completing your quests. Magic – Your wizard will learn a variety of powerful spells that will help him complete quests and carry out his duties to the kingdom. Crafting system-- Your blacksmith will forge weapons of varying quality you’re your physician will create cures for a variety of ailments. Diplomatic system-- Negotiate treaties, conduct trade or declare war on surrounding kingdoms. Fishing – Yes, there is fishing.


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