Little Monster
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Little Monster

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    It’s lunch time, and a most unusual company has arrived! Some are tall, some are short, some have scales for hair or tentacles for feet — but all of them are really, really hungry. Can you fill their bellies before anyone else beats you to tea?

    Little Monster That Came For Lunch And Stayed For Tea is a light racing game in which playing your cards right and using the abilities of your two unique monsters makes for a very tasty difference! Each game you are assigned two unique little monsters to feed as quickly as you can as you race against one, two or three opponents. Each little monster has its own special skill, and you want to combo these skills and card abilities to create awesome combos.

    On your turn, you either play or draw cards. If you play, you create combos that will move your monsters forward, pushing the opponents' critters backwards! You win the game as soon as both of your monsters reach the end of the table, so eat up!


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