Let Titan Pop Culture Sell Your Collection! 

Is it time to let someone else enjoy your collection? We can find you the right person to take on your not so prized possessions! 

Turn your Collectables into cash. 💰💰💰
At Titan Pop Culture we will do the following 😎
  1. Evaluate your item/s, based on local & online prices + the of the item/s condition. 
  2. Place them on our website & onto our Facebook group.
  3. Pay you for what has sold at the end of each month, transferred straight into your back account.
Some of the benefits 
  • Set prices for your possessions as approved by you! 
  • Free Shipping for our customers over $100 in metro areas/$200 regional!
  • No more time trying to find the right person, we make it simple.

Titan Pop Culture takes a commission from each item sold, this commission covers things like transactional costs, shipping & of course a small profit for Titan for doing the work. 

In order for us to sell your collection for you in store & online, you will need to be located around the Perth metro area.

Get in contact with us today!