Order Status Page

This is the easiest way to check on the fulfillment of an order that you have placed with us. When we send you your order confirmation, this email has a link to keep tabs on your order or you can now simply log into your account & in order history click on the order number which will now take you to the Order Status Page.


As you can see John ordered a couple of products from us, the picture above is Johns confirmation email. If he clicks on View Order Status it will take him to a Status Order Page which is where he will find up to date tracking information on items in his order as Titan fulfills his order. It's worth noting that Titan Pop Culture does ship everything in an order together. 


Above is a picture of Jordan's order Status Page, he ordered 3 Pop! Vinyls however one of the items was a Pre-Order. As he did this in store the tracking number displayed under the items he has taken with him says "Collected". The item that is a Pre-Order still says unfulfilled. It's worth noting that if you are doing a Click & Collect order that you can pick products up as they arrive in store.

If he had ordered these online & was wanting to have them shipped then the tracking number would say "Held For Pre-Orders" or "HFP". This would tell Jordan that some of his items have arrived at the store & what items are left in his order that Titan Pop Culture are waiting on in order to fulfill his order.

Once everything is Fulfilled in Jordan's order (or close to it) a tracking number for Australia Post will be added in, this will replace any "Held for Pre-Order" information. 

If Jordan clicks on an Australia Post Tracking Number this will take him to the Auspost website where Jordan would then be able to track his order to his door. If for some reason the tracking number does not work this is most likely because we are waiting on Auspost to pick your order up from our store. Auspost will send you an email with tracking once they have collected the order, we normally do not email this to you from our system.

Auspost picks up stock from our store every Friday however depending on the orders/time of the year/event this can be more frequent. 

If an item is taking longer then expected to be fulfilled we ask that you check the product page to see if an updated ETA is showing, it's also worth noting that ETA dates are estimated times which the distributor gives in regards to their stock arriving at their wearhouse. It will normally take an extra week for us to receive our stock in store. We receive multiple shipments from Ikon each week.