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Detective Club
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Detective Club

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Product Description

In the game, one of the players, called the Conspirator, does not know the secret word but will pretend they do. The other players, who know the word, will try to secretly work together to find out who the Conspirator is to foil their plans. The word comes from beautifully illustrated cards. This game is part Dixit, part Mysterium and part A Fake Artists goes to New York so you know it will be a hit with party gamers!

For Ages 8 and above

For 4-8 Players

Plays in About 45 mins


Tom Vasel gave this the Seal of Excellence and compared it to another best-selling party game Dixit!


For hardcore gamers, taps into the market of existing players of Dixit and Mysterium. This is an upgraded mashup of these two award winning games.

For casual gamers, a step up or next game from Clue/Cluedo

For party gamers, be able to trash talk around the table as you look for who among you is faking it!


168 Evidence Cards

58 VP Tokens

8 Voting Tokens

8 Player Markers

7 Notebooks

1 Pencil




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