Shipping Delays & Updates

Global Shipping Delays - More information. As many other retailers are experiencing delays, unfortunately Titan Pop Culture is also experiencing delays on items. 

These delays are on a distribution level outside of Titan Pop Cultures Control.

UPDATE: 28/03/2022

First of all please let us thank you all for your patience thus far when it comes to the delivery of your orders! 

I have an update from Ikon regarding the outlook on deliveries. ETA Dates are Fluid and should be treated as such. Items have an ETA date that is the most up-to-date we have from Ikon. However, if you are concerned about your order and need clarification - please don't hesitate to reach out to us! (We don't bite!) 

We are expecting more delays to happen on upcoming ETA dates. The reasons for this is the recent lock-downs in China. Shipping delays are still playing a big role in some of these delays. This again is not only beyond our control but beyond the distributors control. We do just ask for a bit more patience. 

One Piece - Chopper Flocked Pop Vinyl - This pop vinyl in particular has been delayed. The successfulness in the sales of this particular item has caused delays due to shortage of materials. As such the Pop Vinyl has a new FRD (Factory Ready Date) for July 2022 - meaning we won't expect this to come until later this year. We are currently expecting this Pop Vinyl to arrive around (ETA) September once it has been received by Ikon in Australia. We know this is disappointing for some of our customers, however this is again beyond our control & beyond the control of the distributor. 

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Should you have any questions about your order - Please reach out via our Contact Us  page! 


What's going On? Why are their delays? 
Like most product, it is heavily dependent on sea based shipping. There is an in-balance in the market which has lead to not enough sea containers. On top of this, getting a slot on a vessel is alot harder then prior to COVID-19. It is harder for product to be shipped with reasonable ETA dates because there is no way to know if a container has gotten onto a vessel in-time for that ETA date. This is why we are seeing ETA dates rise from a couple of weeks to months in some cases. These changes are beyond the control of Titan Pop Culture.

An influx of shipped goods around the world is causing further strain. Ports are running beyond demand, in Australia specifically constant strikes between port workers & their employers have been causing further delays.

ETA Dates are updated when we are made aware of changes, or we see changes with our Distributors. Note > these changes are made on a product by product basis. If you are unsure about a date or the date has lapsed - Please contact us through our Contact Us Page.

By placing an order on our website you are aware that such delays may affect the product you are ordering if the item is a Pre-Order. Back-Order items are in stock with our distributor & won't be effected by such delays.

We will endeavour to get your items out to you as fast as possible, you can read more about our shipping policies here > Shipping Policy


Latest update from Ikon (Australian Distributor of Funko & many other products listed on our site) 10/01/2022


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